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An Oregon state government agency, the Oregon Trawl Commission (OTC) operates under the umbrella mandate of the Oregon Department of Agriculture Commodity Commissions Program.



A majority vote of the 67 trawl producers in 1963 resulted in the formation of the Otter Trawl Commission. The first meeting was held October 23, 1963 in Astoria. Gov. Mark Hatfield appointed 7 commissioners. They were; Arthur Paquet, James Parker, Clifford Hall, William Hunter, Jr., Melvin Carlson and Harold Gramson.

A budget of $3,600.00 was established for FY 1963-’64. The budget for FY 1964-’65 (the first full year of operation) was $8,115.00, The assessment rate was established at $.0005 per dollar value of the catch. OTC continues to be funded entirely by fishermen from a percentage of their catch.



OTC is currently made up of eight commissioners,: five fishermen, one processor, one distributor and one public member. Commissioners are chosen from among the owners and captains of trawl vessels, processors, and distributors by the director of the Oregon’s Department of Agriculture.

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